New Mapping Technology

As time goes by, technology had developed very rapidly. Not only in programming and technical side, the advance of technology had also touch the application field such as medicine, statistical, even geography. This, however, had changed the way of surveying and analyzing than in past .

The use of information technology in geographic and geology knowledge is known as geographic information system (GIS). It had been developed for the last 40 years by various scientist either geologies, geographer, urban planner, fishering science and demographer. The reason why there are many science field involved in this new technology is because it could answers that those field ask. For example, GIS could help the geologies to map the earth structure, gave accurate information about the citizen for the demographer, and gave data on spatial analysis for urban planner.

Beside its useful for much knowledge, GIS is also popular for its ability to provide database. In this complex world, data is very important so it had to manage well and database is the way to do that. By using database sciencetist could read an old data in no time and save the new data immediately.

After been developed for almost 40 years, the users of GIS were not only the people with spatial and physical background, but also for people in marketing, business, medicine, and even bankers.  Often, this financial groups use GIS to map their business feasibility location, to gather and control their branch performances, and to map their client locations. Eventually, with that information’s, the company could made a right and useful decision as a way to develop their business.

To sum up, the growth of information need in the last few decades and the changing behavior in many aspects had lead scientist to make a well spatial information technology. Using this technology people can observed and predict anything spatially eater its related to earth, social demography or to health and financial. It wont be surprise if in the next years many countries would use GIS as their main tool on national development.


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